Monday, 16 December 2013


So it's been almost a month since I finally got my surgery on my broken wrist following last month's cycling accident. On 1311.21 (21st Nov) I went in for day surgery (which I thought was wholly inappropriate for the kind of operation) to have a metal plate screwed into my wrist bone. The following Tuesday I said goodbye to the cast and am now sporting a wrist brace (which thankfully I can remove to wash and deal with itches).

I have limited movement and little strength in my right hand, I still can't write properly and drawing by hand isn't possible (although I can do a little on my computer).

So I'm off work until the new year which may sound good but the boredom aspect isn't great. How the long term sick or unemployed manage is beyond me. Have you watched daytime TV for a prolonged time? I'm surprised how bad most of it is and how much it repeats itself. I eagerly await the Christmas schedules.

Time is dragging on the run up to the big day as if I was a child, only I'm not excited like a child. My main hobbies have been cruelly taken from me so I spend my days watching Netflix or TV. Occasionally I'll get out and walk but it's cold and unpleasant out there so I limit myself to a couple of half hour strolls a day.

The very neat scar on my wrist, when the hair grows back you won't see it.


chocolat lover said...

daytime telly certainly is rubbish...

...all I get to watch is Peppa Pig! ;o)

All I can say is thank goodness for Sky+ ;o)

hope your arm is better soon and you can do all your normal activities with it.

The Captain said...

Sky+ and Netflix have kept me entertained. I'm glad my kids TV days are over.