Thursday 19 December 2013


Television is in integral part of the Christmas experience and I have many happy memories of reading through the Radio & TV Times looking for the gems of entertainment. Of course movies were a big part of the Christmas line up in my younger years, not so much these days in an age of DVD, Blue Ray and streaming services.

I still relish the arrival of the TV listings magazines and scour the pages marking the programmes I don't want to miss. This year I've decided to share some of those highlights with the world. Of course with hundreds of channels it's easy to miss things, one thing I haven't missed are the reality show specials which play no part in my Christmas telly line up.

Friday 20
1700 - The Chase Xmas Special (ITV)
A special 'Text Santa' celebrity charity edition of this popular quiz show.
2000 - Text Santa (ITV)
Charity festive telethon. I'm not a big fan of Ant & Dec but I'm guessing this will be on in my house.
2030 - Citizen Khan Christmas Special (BBC1)
One of the best sitcoms of recent times gets a festive special. Disappointed that it didn't receive a higher profile slot (such as Christmas Eve).
2325 - The Matt Lucas Christmas Awards (BBC1)
Not the best show on TV but it'll provide a festive backdrop whilst you're wrapping presents.

Saturday 21
1740 - Pointless Celebrities (BBC1)
A special edition of the tea time quiz with guests Keith Harris with Orville, Rotherham's own Chuckle Brothers and Father Christmas.
1935 - 'Allo' Allo (BBC2)
A festive episode from 1991. A classic!
1915 - (movie double bill) Deck the Halls & Four Christmases (CH 4)
A couple of films to make you feel Christmassy I hope, don't think I've see either of these.
2200 - Father Ted Christmas Special (More 4)
Father Ted is one of the funniest things on TV even after all these years (from 1996).

Sunday 22
1535 - It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas (CH 4)
Don't think I've seen this film.
1725 - The Muppets & Lady Gaga at Christmas (CH 4)
Muppets are popular in this house.
1850 - Porridge (BBC2)
Festive edition of this classic from 1975.
2205 - Jeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special (Comedy Central)
Funny 'un-pc' ventriloquist. No sure if this is new or if I've seen it before, still worth a look.

Monday 23
2000 - The Gadget Show Christmas Stocking (CH 5)
Shiny tech that I can't afford.
2030 - Would I Lie To You? At Christmas (BBC1)
I love comedy panel shows.
2100 - John Bishop's Christmas Show (BBC1)
Comedy from one of the best UK stand ups.
2200 - Only Fools & Horses (Gold)
Classic Christmas special from 1992. The one with the 'Peckham Spring'. 

Christmas Eve
1310 - It's a Wonderful Life - film (CH 4)
I have this on DVD so this is more of a recommendation. this is THE Christmas movie.
1715 - The Nation's Favourite Christmas Song (ITV)
Cheap schedule filler. No doubt we'll end up watching.though.
1930 - The Perfect Morecambe & Wise Christmas Special (BBC2)
It's not Christmas without Eric & Ernie.
2100 - QI XL - festive edition (BBC2)
Love this show. 
2145 - Backchat with Jack Whitehall & his Dad - Christmas Special (BBC3)
Enjoyed the first series, hoping they can get better guests for this special.
2200 - Not Going Out Christmas Special (BBC1)
This show has suffered recently from the departure of some of the major characters leaving Lee Mack to carry the show.

Christmas Day
1500 - The Queen (BBC1)
I don't think I've ever seen the Queen's speech, I'm usually asleep by this point.
1815 - Call the Midwife: Christmas Special (BBC1)
This one is for the missus.
1900 - The Simpsons - Christmas double bill (Sky 1)
I love the Simpsons.
1930 - Doctor Who (BBC1)
The wait is over, the Doctor Who is the staple of Christmas Day. A regeneration too.
1940 - Christmas Night with the Two Ronnies (BBC2)
Classic comedy that will serve as an excellent background to the festivities - from 1987.
2030 - Downton Abbey (ITV)
Another one for the missus. 
2130 - Mrs Brown's Boys Christmas Special - 1/2 (BBC1)
I'll be drunk by now. Glad I have Sky+.
2215 - Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?
Christmas episode from 1974.

Boxing Day
1805 - Gangsta Granny (BBC1)
Looks good on the trailer.
1945 - Still Open All Hours (BBC1)
Follow up to 'Open All Hours', really looking forward to this.
2100 - Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013 (CH 4)
The ultimate comedy panel show.

27 December 
2000 - Celebrity Come Dine With Me (CH 4)
Only reality style show I'm giving time to.
2100 - Vicious (ITV) 
Fairly poor sitcom from some heavyweight actors. Seasonal edition.
2100 - Merry Christmas Mr Bean (CH 5)
Another classic.

A fairly basic round up of the highlights I'm looking forward to this Christmas. If all else fails I still have Netflix.


chocolat lover said...

I have set the sky+ box for a couple of those bits ;o)

We go through the tv guide too with highlighter in hand ;o)

merry christmas to you & morticia and the girls ;o)

The Captain said...

It's definitely a tradition. Hope you James and Evie have a great day. x