Monday, 13 January 2014


Since my accident back in November the only thing on my mind has been my recovery which is plodding along steadily.

I'm back at work on restricted duties playing it by ear. I've started physio at Rotherham General Hospital which is quite painful but I know to be necessary. I have quite a lot of exercises to complete.

Obviously there is no cycling. This coupled with the excesses of the previous season means that I feel that I'm banging on a bit of weight. I'm considering dusting off our old exercise bike that serves as a clothes horse (before anyone suggests it I can't afford a turbo trainer) to get through some virtual miles.


chocolat lover said...

your on the mend which is the main thing, and when you are able to start cycling again the weight will come off ;o)

Eileen said...

Thing is with the exercise bike, you could sit and peddle without putting pressure on your wrist.
I bought one and it only got used a couple of times then I gave it to daughter, not sure she uses it either. You know, I never thought of using it as a clothes horse :-)
Your weight will drop off when you get back to cycling.
Just concentrate on getting your wrist mended first.

The Captain said...

I must be getting better, I'm starting to get really frustrated. It just feels like an eternity since I rode a bike.