Sunday, 19 January 2014


I had a variety of ales over the festive period. I love the variety of beers that are available these days, all have their own specific charms. I think my overall favourite out of the selection I tasted this year has to be Shephard Neame's 'Christmas Ale', a strong dark and flavourful brew. A special mention has to go to 'Old Speckled Hen' which I had a keg of, it was great to have beer on tap (£13 for a 5 litre keg from Tesco).


Eileen said...

Husband likes the different bottled ales, though he prefers the strong, pale ales. He likes Old Speckled Hen too.
He wasn't able to drink this year being unwell, but he risked a glass of Buck's Fizz with me:-)

chocolat lover said...

blimey a 5 litre keg ;o)

The Captain said...

It looks like a lot but I am a complete lightweight who barely drinks. The 5 litre keg took a few weeks to get down.