Friday, 31 October 2014


Today was the election of a new Police & Crime Commissioner following the child grooming scandal and subsequent resignation of Shawn Wright. There has always been an apathy towards the role which is evident in the low turn out. I always vote for every election, I feel it's a duty that everyone should fulfill, and I made no exception here (although I almost missed it). Rotherham is the town I live in (although I still consider myself to be from Sheffield, the city of my birth) and has been damaged greatly by the recent events. The town, in my opinion, was already dying, I hope it will make it through.

This election is of course more important for me as the role affects my work. I hope I made the right choice.


chocolat lover said...

we always vote too...

...and that way you have a right to moan about whoever is in power!

The Captain said...

Exactly my opinion!