Tuesday 28 October 2014

1410.28 DUTY CALLS

It's been 2 months of long and painful recovery.  Finally tomorrow I return to work,  at least in a light form. Today I went to see the consultant at the hospital who cleared me for light duties. I have begun physiotherapy and have been promised a painful journey to recovery (lovely). 

I am a little apprehensive about my return,  I've not kept up to speed with the goings on and only had minimal contact with my colleagues. Whilst convalescing I've not shaved so I'm looking a little like Grizzly Adams (again I'm showing my age). I'm not like a lot of blokes that look rugged with a beard, I tend to look more homeless than manly when I sport anything more than a goatee. 

Question is do I shave before I return or use it as an indicator of my full recovery later along? Morticia hates beards as a rule and complains regularly about my 'grizzly' look.


Eileen H said...

My husband has grown a beard once or twice when he has been off sick, through sheer laziness I expect and I absolutely hate it. He looks scruffy and a beard does not suit him at all. My nagging to get rid has won in the end!
If you do shave it off don't block the sink with it :)

chocolat lover said...

If Morticia hates it then shave it off.

James doesnt like shaving and tends to wait til its very itchy before he does it.

The Captain said...

The beard was removed save the little bit round my mouth that I always have. I do admire a man who suits a beard, sadly I'm defiantly not one of them.