Tuesday 3 February 2015

1502.03 COLD SNAP

So the first month of 2015 is over. It's been cold and we've had a couple of snow days (snow days for me at least don't mean a day off work).

I had hoped to be back on the bike by now, apart from a couple of commute rides this hasn't happened. Firstly the weather has been against me, I'm not in a place where I'm willing to risk the frostly or snowy days. Then there was a technical problem with my steed. The rear mech felt wrong and following a gear change it chucked the chain off. My mech hanger had bent. Following a visit to my local cycle repair shop it appears that the rear mech has been damaged too. It was on my list to replace so not a huge deal. I'm hoping to have it back later this week.

Our eldest continues to live with us with little issue. If she could just get a job...

The snowfalls had little effect except to delay my commute to work. I noted (as usual) that teachers continue to struggle with getting in. Luckily this didn't affect my youngest daughter's school on this occasion.

I'm writing this on the top deck of the bus on my way home. It's pretty full, there are a number of loud phone calls in foreign languages and the faint sound of tinny headphone leakage. An elderly Asian man is sat beside me (who I'm sure is trying to get a sneaky glance at my phone screen). It's quite a claustrophobic atmosphere, this is why I prefer my bike.

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chocolat lover said...

providing there werent any delays (on my way home) and I had a seat I used to enjoy the train commute to and from work.

Hopefully your bike will be back and peddaling soon ;o)