Sunday, 15 February 2015


We don't go out on Valentine's day. As a shift worker it's unusual for me to have the night off. This year it's not only on a Saturday but also it's my day off. Add to this the fact that this is the 20th Valentine with Morticia it just couldn't go without celebration.

Weeks ago I booked a table at Browns restaurant but was later to find out that they were only serving from a set menu (on which there was nothing which really appealed). I managed to get a late booking at a new restaurant called Anchorage, an American east coast establishment.

We had a great evening visiting the Brewdog bar and establishments in the West One complex. The meal in Anchorage was wonderful as was the atmosphere. It turned out wonderful, we both agreed that we are now at a stage with the children that we can go out more regularly. I hope we do this again soon.

We caught the last bus home at midnight.

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chocolat lover said...

sounds like you & Morticia had a great time ;o)