Sunday, 19 April 2015


I've never ever pretended that I'm a particularly great cyclist. I enjoy cycling and that's it. My training seemed for a long while not to be progressing at all. The last few weeks things have started to drop into place. I feel my legs starting to take shape and my weight I'm carrying around my middle is slowly going. I feel as though I'm ready for the next stage... 

Today I almost went out and joined up with a local club with a view to joining. But in the end I bottled it. I'm pretty disappointed with myself especially since my next opportunity won't be for weeks now. Until then I'll carry on riding solo until next opportunity arises. 

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chocolat lover said...

The cycling club will still be there the next time you have the opportunity to join, and hopefully you will feel more confident to join.

Its always scary doing things with a whole lot of new people especially when you are the new person.