Wednesday 6 May 2015

1505.06 FOUR FOUR

My birthday weekend didn't start to well. For months I've been planning my cycle ride to watch the Tour de Yorkshire on the other side of Barnsley. The weather forecast didn't look too clever and as the day approached the predictions got worse. I still prepared as if I was going but when I got up on Sunday morning the rain was biblical, I half expected to see an ark floating down the main road outside my bedroom window. I searched my soul, I really wanted this but did I want to be out in the rain for 4-6 hours? Not to mention the increased potential for accidents (which is something I'm keen to avoid given my recent history). Decision made then, not going... Gutted!

Not only was this my birthday weekend, it was also Bank Holiday Weekend. What to do on a Bank Holiday Monday. One thing was certain I wasn't planning on heading out and sitting in a traffic jam. We (as a family) decided to head out later in the day. We headed out to Bakewell in the Peak District, it's not that far. We had our tea in one of the pubs in the village and a steady walk by the river. It was a lovely evening.

My birthday passed without any significant anything, I booked the time off work which made the day pass easier. Morticia's birthday is the day after, we spent the day at home again.


chocolat lover said...

happy belated birthday...

my birthday is on Wednesday ;o)

The Captain said...

Hope you had a good birthday. I really find them boring these days. Guess I'm getting too old.