Thursday 28 May 2015


It's always been my intention to start cycling with a club. Last year, after the Tour and after I searched out a suitable club, I had the intention of introducing myself. Then, as I've previously mentioned, disaster struck (1409.21). It was a long road to recovery, then finally I got to the stage when I thought I was ready to join my local cycling club. The first time I bottled it but about a month ago I took the leap...

I'd been monitoring the club's activities on their Facebook page for some time. They posted details of the Sunday club ride and I dropped them a comment asking if I could tag along. Very quickly I got a response inviting me along.

I got up nice and early put together my bits and bobs and checked over my 'best' bike (as I had done the night before). I set off into the dry quiet Sunday morning. The ride to the meeting point was about 8km away so it served as a warm up and practice with what was still a fairly unfamiliar steed. I arrived at the meeting point (a pub car park), there were a couple of riders already there to which I introduced myself. More came along, all seemed very welcoming but I still felt a bit of an outsider (understandable I know). There were 2 rides planned, an 'A' run and a 'B'run, I went along with the 'B' group.

I've ridden with a group before but not often and not for a long while. Various members took the time to speak to me and chat as we moved out into the countryside. The pace was probably higher than I would do on a solo ride but not beyond me by a long way, we rode out to Bank View Cafe in Langsett where we had a break and a bite to eat. We left and set off back, the ride was good and I feel I was up to the challenges I put before me. I feel I took the next step in my cycling journey, so much so that I have continued to ride with the group.

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