Friday, 5 June 2015


Captain's Movie Review in Seven Words...

Visually impressive. Lacks story. They kill Kylie!

IMDb: San Andreas

Ok it's just the usual trip to the cinema except there's a little more to tell. Everyone that knows me knows I don't have hair (on my head) and as such I rarely go out without a hat. In winter they keep me warm and in summer they protect my delicate scalp from the harmful rays. I have quite a collection and last week Morticia bought me a new one when she visited Camden. It was this one I wore to the pictures, whilst we watched the film I set it down in the empty seat by my side. When the film ended we left swiftly. It was when I walked through my door and went to take off my hat I realised it wasn't there and I realised I never retrieved it from the cinema seat. 

I didn't tell Morticia, I felt guilty that I'd not taken care of the gift I'd just received. I fired off an email to the cinema in hope that they would have found it. I waited until lunchtime the next day for a response. I phoned, I re-emailed, and I even telephoned the customer service team. Nothing. In the afternoon I finally got a phone call to say that they had found my hat and I could call in and pick it up at my convenience. 

I'm calling in tomorrow.

Supplemental 1506.06: I called in this morning and retrieved my hat.

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chocolat lover said...

very nice hat...

...glad you got it back ;o)