Thursday, 4 June 2015

1506.04 NOT "FOREVER"

I love TV, I'm no snob about it. There are some great shows out there, too many for anyone to watch them all. Thankfully these days most people have the opportunity to 'catch up' using various methods.

I'm all for trying a new show, if it's good I'll stick with it, if it's bad I'll simply stop. Recently there was a programme called 'Forever' about an immortal doctor (I'll not bore you with the details, I'll stick a link at the bottom for that).

As the series progressed it was more and more evident from internet chatter that the chances of the show being renewed for a 2nd season were becoming less and less. I'll never understand American television politics. Sponsors and time slots are mentioned but I don't get it.

It was confirmed shortly before the season finalle that the show had been cancelled by its American network. A real shame, especially considering some of the crap the Americans keep renewing and sending over.

It's got a slim chance of a lifeline in the form of television streaming services (Netflix or Amazon) which could decide to revive the show. I'm not holding my breath.

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