Saturday, 29 August 2015


It's taken a while to post this. Not sure why, I've just been sitting on it a while... 

It's been a couple of years since we were last here yet despite a couple of minor changes the place felt immediately like home. More like home than home in fact. We arrived a bit early for check in to our cottage but I'd already arranged to be able to park up in front. 

Previous years we had stayed in the "cottage" that was part of the Hotel Penwig, and we'd had some great holidays there. When there was a change in management it was no longer the same so for this year we decided to try something new. Our home for the week was a 'real' cottage, an old building with loads of character overlooking the harbour. 

We enjoyed the place as we always have, the weather wasn't the best but not the worst either - we managed a couple of visits to the beach. The pubs were largely the same (the Dolau Inn had a slight redecoration) with exception of the Black Lion which had had a major refurbishment. Sadly the Penwig Hotel (where we used to stay) had lost its atmosphere and it seemed all of the regular faces. 

We met up with friends and enjoyed an afternoon catching up. Before we left we booked the cottage for next year. 

The drive home was filled with sadness. Our hearts were lifted as we drove through Bala when the Vulcan XH558 flew overhead. 

Tan y flwyddyn nesaf. 

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chocolat lover said...

glad you had a good time ;o)