Monday, 31 August 2015


Coming home is always hard but this year it's been so much harder.

Whilst away, at work they announced that they were placing my role officially 'at risk' and that they were looking to lose a number of people. Add onto this the fact that my family (outside my home) don't give a damn about me and my eldest daughter doesn't want anything to do with us - and I really wonder what the hell am I still doing here. There's nothing if my job ends.

I really want to live in mid Wales, quality of life seems so much better. I need a plan of action.

Supplemental 1510.06; Since writing this things at work have potentially got better with a number of people leaving or with offers of jobs. Still uncertain but there is probably some breathing room. I still feel the same about living out there but hopefully we'll get time to do it properly.

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chocolat lover said...

Its unfair when they dangle you like that with uncertainty...

...hopefully your job will be safe.

I got made redundant myself back in 2000 and luckily found a job with someone I used to work with.