Friday, 11 December 2015


Back in August it was announced at work that my role was officially "at risk". This was because of the government cuts, they were looking at losing over 60 people (from my role alone). It was a difficult thing to hear, it was looking like we were alll going to be interviewed for own own jobs.

Since then many, like rats from a sinking ship, have found other jobs and moved on. So much so that this week we were informed that our jobs were no longer "at risk" at we were safe at least until April 2017.

From next April there will be more changes including a new 3 week shift pattern (which includes more weekend working). At least now we can breath a little easier.


chocolat lover said...

Im glad that your job is safe for now...

The Captain said...

Still not out of the woods and there are loads of changes happening but for next 12 months we are safe.