Sunday 6 December 2015

1512.06 TRIMMED UP

People tend to think I'm anti Christmas. I'm not. What I hate is the comercialisation and the hype. I hate the fact that shops start pushing it down your neck from the end of August. Why do we need to prepare for 3 months just for a day?

Ok now I've got that off my chest here's the start of my Christmas story... 

I'd planned to make a day of the decorating. Usually it takes ages and we are still busy late into the evening. Rags assisted me early to move the furniture around (necessary to get the tree in). We then got the boxes down from the loft and began the task. 

Around lunchtime as a break we decided to attend a Christmas fayre in Firth Park. We wish we'd have not bothered, it was a load of crap. Not wasting any more time we went to a local Weatherspoons for food before going back home to continue. 

Rather than being a cheerful, seasonal event it eventually became a stressful task for us all. We overran, eventually finishing around 20:30 ish. 

So the house is ready for Christmas at the proper time... in December. 

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chocolat lover said...

I put our tree up while Evie was at pre school and then let her help me decorate it the next day ;o)