Friday 1 January 2016


So I survived 2015. Today I find myself, as in previous years, in St Neots at the mother in law's. We drove down last night following a day shift at work. 

I'm not about to lay down any resolutions, to me they are pointless and just setting myself up to fail before I start. I've got some goals but I think I'll keep those to myself. The only thing I'll happily reveal is the fact that I intend to cycle further this year (last year I managed a total of 5017km) than last year. 

There are loads more changes on the cards at work with a new shift pattern being implemented in April and the possibility of a forced transfer to a new team (as they attempt to balance numbers following last year's exodus).

I'm hoping we can pull off another holiday this August , it's a very important event in our family's year and our visits to Wales a very special to us all. 

Then there's the beard. I've had a goatee on and off since I was in my early 20s. The style has been tweeked over the years and since the hair on my head went has been the only hair above my neck for some years. About a month ago I decided to myself that I would let the beard grow down and that it has. The plan is obviously in the public domain now since it extends down from my chin about an inch. Morticia wasn't chuffed but I think she's started to accept it since she bought me some beard conditioning oil for Christmas. My boss hasn't said anything (since our appearance is regulated) so for now I'm going to enjoy it and see where it goes. 
My beard featured in my
onesie on Boxing Day!
Oh, and Star Trek is celebrating it's 50th anniversary this year.


chocolat lover said...

you will ahve to get yourself a beard net ;o)

The Captain said...

I love that idea!

Eileen H said...

You beard suits you. My OH looks a mess unshaven, I moan at him to get rid :)

The Captain said...

Thank you. I'm the same with stubble, it makes me look homeless!