Friday, 8 January 2016


I took today off. Reason being that tonight was Rags' school parents evening. I've always been an involved father, it's my place to be part of my childrens' education.

Rags has always had good reports from school but this is the first in year 9 (if you are older and without kids in school then it's the 3rd year) so it's the start of her GCSE courses. No pressure then!

We sat one by one in front of teachers who of I'd have seen them in the street would have thought they were also pupils (sorry students) of the same school. Each teacher in turn went on to say how fantastic our daughter was and that she was a "pleasure to teach".

We had promised that if she got a good report from EVERY teacher then she would receive a prize. Safe to say that this evening had cost us. I will be ordering her a new charm for her Nomination bracelet (what she has chosen). Afterwards we went for tea at the Ring O Bells pub (a Hungry Horse), it was free dessert night with main meals so the treat was even better.

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chocolat lover said...

The bracelet and charms sounds like a great idea ;o).

Kids go to the parents evenings as well now dont they?

I remember my boss being really excited when he had his penultimate parents evening to go to (him and his ex had 4 kids).