Friday 5 February 2016


Our car has been back to the dealers today for some recall work to do with the engine management software. They told me when I phoned that it could take over 4 hours. I informed them that I wasn't able to wait that long and the dealership was to far from my house to get there and back easily. "No problem" they said, I could have a loan car. Well, I jumped at this. The opportunity to drive a different car was too much to miss.

I dropped our car in this morning at 9am. I told them that if the car wasn't ready by 12 midday I'd have to collect it the following morning (and keep the courtesy car overnight). That wasn't a problem, and I was presented with a 65 plate Fiat 500 to play with.

Now I've never driven the smaller cousin of our car (Fiat 500L) so this was my chance to compare. I have to say that it didn't feel as cramped as other small cars like the Ford Fiesta (we have some at work), the spec was basic compared with our car (but I guess it was the Base model). I don't think we could manage with a car like this long term but as a city runabout or second car (which I've never been in favour of) it would be ideal.

I got a message when our car was done around midday and went over and switched back. Morticia was disappointed since she wanted a proper go in it (I did let her drive it to her friend's on my way to take it back).


Eileen H said...

We opted for a courtesy car one time and they gave us an automatic for the day. As husband has never driven an automatic before we declined and ever since then have let them drive us to the nearest town for a spot of retail therapy and they phone us when ours is ready and they come and collect us. Nice to be chauffeur driven both ways while they worked on our car :)

chocolat lover said...

Its good that they would have let you use it overnight...

...and eileen its even better being chauffeured ;o)