Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I was disappointed to here about Stephen Fry's departure from Twitter. He was one of the early adopters and one of the few celebrities on in the beginning, I myself have been on twitter for 9 years now (find me at @CaptainKirt), back in the beginning there were less than a million users and the atmosphere was very different. Trolling was practically unheard of back then. I think Stephen did describe it well though...
Oh goodness, what fun twitter was in the early days, a secret bathing-pool in a magical glade in an enchanted forest. It was glorious ‘to turn as swimmers into cleanness leaping.’ We frolicked and water-bombed and sometimes, in the moonlight, skinny-dipped. We chattered and laughed and put the world to rights and shared thoughts sacred, silly and profane. But now the pool is stagnant. It is frothy with scum, clogged with weeds and littered with broken glass, sharp rocks and slimy rubbish. If you don’t watch yourself, with every move you’ll end up being gashed, broken, bruised or contused. Even if you negotiate the sharp rocks you’ll soon feel that too many people have peed in the pool for you to want to swim there any more. The fun is over.
I still persevere, it isn't as much fun but I do enjoy the interaction. I too have taken breaks from time to time, I think everyone does. It's a shame about Stephen though, he was the only celebrity that actually followed me back!


Eileen said...

That's cool being followed by Stephen Fry on Twitter.

My son got me to sign up for Twitter when it was new but I gave up on it after a while. Never bothered going back.

chocolat lover said...

Stephen Fry following you was totally cool ;o)

I have never been on twitter, James follows the traffic feeds on it but thats all.

The Captain said...

I enjoy Twitter but it can be full of idiots sometimes. Social media was much better before it was so social.