Monday, 4 July 2016

1607.04 POST HATE

Since the Brexit vote over a week ago there has been a nationwide increase in hate crime against immigrants and those perceived to be. It is being blamed on how certain groups ran the 'leave' campaign however I think that certain people are just using this as an excuse to exercise their prejudices. It's sad that in the 21st century these xenophobic attitudes prevail in our country.

With all this comes the rise in the humble safety pin. You may have noticed certain people wearing these on their clothes. No, it's not punk rock making a comeback but a statement, a sign of solidarity with those who share this island with us. To show that the person wearing the pin is a 'safe' person to sit with on public transport or stand with in a shop or pub.
Safety pin on my fleece
I am wearing my pin on my clothes and my uniform at work to show my support. I am disappointed with some of my fellow countrymen(and women) and stand together with decent hardworking people who have decided to make Great Britain their home.

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