Saturday, 23 July 2016


25 years ago as part of Star Trek's 25th Anniversary I attended a cinematic marathon where I watched Star Trek The Motion Picture through to Star Trek V - The Final Frontier, a five movie event that took about 12 hours to get through.

On Thursday, as part of the 50th Anniversary I attended my local Cineworld for a triple bill of the reboot movies which included the latest one, Star Trek Beyond - which came out today.

It was also my first time seeing an IMAX movie. This is how the evening progressed...
19:00 - I'm ready for 1st movie. I have my popcorn and my giant Coke Zero. Phone is on silent. No need for 3D glasses for this one.

21:14 - Star Trek has finished. Great to see it on the big screen again. Not a massive fan of 'Into Darkness', that's up next. Second giant drink purchased.

23:53 - I enjoyed 'Into Darkness' more than I expected (and I have seen it many times). I'll forgive the massive plot holes this once. I'm now waiting for the feature presentation. Third drink purchased.

Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk
2:09 - I did it. I got through all 3 movies and didn't nod off at all (like many predicted). The movie was awesome and the IMAX experience was worth the extra uplift (cost me a fiver on top of my Unlimited card). It's time for me to head home now... I have work in the morning.

The Captain's Movie Review
in Seven Words... 

(I know the movie is also dedicated to the late Anton Yelchin but if you see it you'll understand).

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