Sunday, 16 April 2017


So take away the religion and Easter is an almost perfect festival. Perhaps it's everything Christmas should be?

Easter is far more than religion, if you have a faith then that's fine but just because you don't doesn't mean these festivals don't belong to you too. After all most festivals predate established religions anyway. I know I touched on this on my last blog post but I felt on Easter Day itself it was appropriate to go into a little more depth.

Easter is everything Christmas should be. It has all the substance without a major commercialised takeover. Yes I know the confectionery industry does well, but spending is nothing compared to Christmas. I personally love the idea of a spring festival, celebrating new life, a new beginning, the end to the cold and miserable time. Light nights, cold drinks outside and for me of course - more cycling!

This Easter like many others I'm in St Neots visiting my Mother in law and her partner in her lair. Today we'll be having a meal, eating chocolate eggs without fear of persecution and I might even indulge in a couple of beers later on.

I've expressed my sentiment on my early birthday present, I've wanted one for ages and I guess you'll be seeing it a fair bit in the future.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Easter, whether you intend to spend it in your place of worship, with family and / or friends. Even if you are alone this Easter just raise a glass to the oncoming summer. Because as D:Ream once sang...

"Things can only get better"


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