Friday 21 April 2017

1704.21 SNAP VOTE

So our great oppressor, the wizened old crone in charge, has decided to take advantage of the current opinion polls and increase her meagre majority by throwing away the fixed term parliament act and calling a snap general election.

It's obvious that May* wants to increase her party's majority and thus stay in power until 2022. Without a strong opposition she believes that this is an optimum time to pull in more support. The problem is that the great unwashed as a whole are pretty stupid (watch any news vox populi) and can't see much past the last Facebook story from some of the dodgy pages they follow. The real intelligence are pretty apathetic about politics and don't vote. This has to change. Inspiring younger people to have an interest in politics and perhaps lowering the voting age to 16 might be the key to changing the poor turnouts in the past.

Now as a public servant I feel pretty let down by the current government and the preceding coalition. Budgets have been slashed and the tools to do my job are hard to come by. Also I haven't had a pay rise in real terms for 6 years. It's been hard and I feel the sacrifice hasn't achieved anything except to destroy moral and bring the country's public services to their knees (which leaves them vulnerable for back door privatisation).

Anyway, it's going to be a busy few weeks for our politicians as the go around groveling for votes. My only hope is that as in elections of late the unexpected happens. It could happen couldn't it?

*Theresa May is currently the UK's Overlord Oppressor Prime Minister.

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