Thursday, 10 August 2017


It's come around again. It's time to pack for our annual pilgrimage to Wales.

I'm determined this year to make the preparations less stressful, I'm hoping everything is done by tea time tomorrow so we can breathe and get an early night.

The empty suitcase that needs filling. 

My main tasks are to pack my clothes which is the only time I count and evaluate my stock of underpants. Usually it's a case of stuff em in a drawer and grab em when needed. The other main task is to prepare the car. This involves cleaning the interior then taking it to the Eastern European car wash.

I'm also involved in the shopping, we have lists and this year I'm determined to stick to them. It's a busy, frantic time but I'm determined to master it so no one (including and especially me) gets overly stressed out.

This morning we attended a funeral for Morticia's cousin which isn't an ideal way to start but hopefully we can put it aside now and get on.

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