Saturday, 26 August 2017


Whenever I say where I'm from the usual response is something along the lines of "oh! The place in 'The Full Monty'". Of course they're referring to the 1997 hit movie which was filmed in Sheffield and today that movie is 20 years old.

Most people have seen the movie but for me it's also a fond look at my home city and the people. I know most of the locations well. The canal at the beginning is somewhere I cycle, the newsagents where Gerald buys up all the papers is in the area I work. I've visited the place they filmed the interiors (job centre etc). I've been to parties in the club that features in the final scene.

The movie is part of the fabric of the city even though the city has evolved in the 20 years it still flows over the hills of my home. I'm not here to revisit or review this simple but brilliant movie but I will ask that if you own a copy or you see it in the listings on TV (I'm disappointed that it's not on TV tonight) then watch it again. Take in the star of the movie, not Mr Carlisle or any of the other actors, I'm talking about the city, Sheffield. My birthplace.

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