Saturday, 18 November 2017

1711.14 DRY MIND

I've been drawing cartoons since I first picked up a crayon. I've always loved drawing and recently I've found it to be very therapeutic and have enjoyed sharing them with others. 

I have a major problem though. I can't write comedy, funny ideas are few and far between in my mind. Maybe this is why I enjoy watching comedy so much, to compensate for my lack of humour. 

So how do I proceed? I need funny ideas to draw. Do I appeal to the world for funnies or can I learn to be funny? It's difficult having no direction, I'd love to draw a series of short multi-framed strips - I feel this is where my direction needs to be. 

I find myself struggling, single framed gags are easy but it's not really sustainable. This for me has always been my problem with cartooning and the primary reason I always give up. It's a shame if it comes to that, especially now I have a small audience. 

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