Monday 5 February 2018


When I was a kid we had 3 television channels and the only reason people had kids were to get up and change the channel for them.

Television, some say, is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Some of the best screen entertainment can be found on the little glowing box in the corner of the room (Ok, I accept that there's not much about modern TVs that are little or boxlike these days, the corner isn't the most common place for them either).

Broadcast television is on its way out, that's my opinion and I think I'm right about it. On demand and streaming services are pretty much the way things are heading. Regular broadcasters are dipping there toes in offering streaming services. BBC iPlayer is offering full seasons ahead of broadcast as well as box sets of previously aired shows, Sky TV are trying out a satellite free service with a view to moving away from the dish.
So I knew this was coming. I predicted it years ago and in some ways TV is better for having more choice. Having other TV providers outside of the regular broadcasters has stimulated creativity to some degree (the only danger is that these same streaming services become comfortable, bloated networks of the future). But for now, in the in between years we are getting the best of both worlds.

One thing that I do think we have lost with the new TV world is the joy of accidently discovering new programmes that you might not have watched because they may not be your 'cup of tea'. You know, that historical documentary you caught or the drama that you didn't fancy but turned out to be gripping.

But the streaming services offer suggestions you say? But that's based on an algorithm of your previous viewing habits. With a menu of offerings you will rarely take a punt on something outside your box.

So while I believe we have gained so much with the new model I just want to acknowledge something we are losing. We are losing the discovery of something new and we are in danger of being stuck in a metaphorical box. People don't easily step out of their comfort zone and with the modern model there will be little opportunity to do so. 

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