Tuesday, 15 May 2018


A few of years ago my position at work was put 'at risk'. Then came the dismantling of my department and the merging with another. We were at risk for about a year and the ensuing turmoil saw my place of work closed and everyone 'shoehorned' into another location.

I don't talk about work on social media or online. Our organisation doesn't like us to, it's not like I have some secret job or glamorous role. It's safe to say many that read this know what I do but for the purposes of this post, which is about work, it's not essential to know. 

Last year things started to change for the better. We got a new top boss and it was clear he was not happy with the changes made by his predecessor. Our department was relaunched as something new and better (albeit with less staff) and lots of new initiatives were started. Our old office was even re-opened (the building had laid empty in the time since it closed).

Those times in the wilderness for us were horrendous and a time of worry for us all. Our jobs were pretty much without it's previous purpose and it felt like we were 'treading water'. But what about now?

Things are good right now. It feels like we are doing good work, in fact better than before. We have a new team who are all switched on and work well together. There are new people working with some old hands (I fall into the latter).

I'm not sure if it will last, after all things tend to go around in circles. All I know is that things are good right now and I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. 

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