Tuesday, 18 September 2018


It usually happens at least once a year and it usually means I get a taste of what it would mean to live a single life.

Morticia, as she has done many times before , has gone this week to stay with her mother in Cambridgeshire. In the past this has meant me caring for our children but the girls are all grown up and don't need me anymore. So what do I do?

In between work I guess I live as I would have if Morticia hadn't come into my life, and that's not good. I eat junk, I watch movies and live in a manner with even I disapprove of. Would this be me if I was single? Honestly I have no idea, I hope not. Morticia keeps me grounded, keeps me motivated and makes me believe I'm worth more than I feel I am. She completes me and I never take that for granted.

So maybe I need to live like a slob to appreciate that I don't want to be that way? I'll take the lesson, as I do every time and grow from it. Afterwards I'll be rejuvenated and able to move forward with a renewed sense of ambition.

Until then I'll eat junk, and slob around watching movies.

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