Sunday 9 September 2018


So my summer is effectively over and I'm back to work. My trip to our happy place is sadly in my rear view mirror and I find I must get on with my life.

I'm lucky that work is pretty good at the moment and I find myself actually enjoy my work at the moment (I discussed this back in May) so the return wasn't as traumatic as it could have been. I don't talk about work on this and social media but as someone who works in a public facing role it is a never ending task. Still it has it has it rewards. In fact this week I got recognised along with a colleague for a project we devised and followed through. I don't seek it out but it is nice to receive it. 

Since getting back home I developed a nasty cold. It's something that's still lingering on today (I'm still a bit flemmy and suffering sinus pain). I'd planned to get a bit of cycling in between coming home and returning to work but it wasn't to be. I'd planned to ride out to watch a stage of the Tour of Britain (yesterday) but this bloody cold has scuppered my plan.

So now all I have is the hope that I can return to my happy place sooner rather than later. I've got no cycling planned but I need to get back on the bike soon (although I have still been riding to work). Quite a while ago I discovered that the golden rule is that you must 'work to live' and not 'live to work' - and I must continue to work so I can live my life.

My life is a battle where I occasionally get to pause and enjoy the flowers in the battlefield briefly before resuming the onslaught.

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