Monday, 22 October 2018


I'm not a big political commentator but no one in this world can escape the madness, it's like a Bond film where the villain wins. If I'm honest this kind of post is uncomfortable to write but I feel it must be said.

I remember when it started. We were told that the nation (and indeed the world) needed to make sacrifices, pay was frozen and public sector jobs were put at risk. As someone who works in public service I was, and still am, living with this consequence. But what of everyone else? We certainly have not been in this together, it's obvious that during the last 10 years the richest amongst us haven't suffered too much at all. What makes it worse is that we've had 2 chances for a regime change which haven't been taken. It seems the great British public have been hoodwinked into believing that the savage cuts that continue are necessary.

Now we have the farce that is Brexit. I'm a firm believer in remain, I haven't seen any argument to change my mind. The 'leavers' keep using the argument that they won the referendum (52% to me isn't a massive win in my book and isn't relative to a decent majority) but the details weren't clear when the referendum was held, there have been so many lies told during the campaign. Even now the whole thing is taking up so much time for the government that they aren't concentrating on more important issues. It's all such a tragic farce.

It's a dark time for the world, we have an oppressive government bent on hurting the poor and disabled in our society. We have Trump in America causing havoc and god knows what else .

I despair for the future, I hope things change for the sake of my children.

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