Monday, 29 October 2018


It's that time of year, the clocks have just gone back and the nights are getting longer. The temperature is starting to drop and the weather is turning. It's time to get the big coat out.

When I was younger I enjoyed the coming of winter, I loved the darker nights - cosying by the light of the fire (it was a gas fire but still counts) and the new programmes on TV. Today I just feel the cold more, the weather gets worse and everything just gets more difficult.

I hate the long darkness and miss the sunlight at 9pm. I want to feel the warmth of the sun and not of the central heating. Summer rain is refreshing, winter rain is like being pierced by small icy needles and lets not even go into the freezing temperatures and accompanying weather.

The ride to and from work becomes more of a chore at this time of year, lights have to be ready and charged, I have to be layered up like the Michelin man and more mindful to hazards.

The clocks went back yesterday and I'm still feeling the effects. It's amazing how attuned our body clocks must be. Unlike most I benefited from the extra hour since I was working this weekend.

I'll have to wait it out though since, unless I become migratory (not likely), there's no way to change the seasons. Perhaps that's a good thing. Maybe we need the cold to appreciate the warmth?

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