Sunday, 18 November 2018


As a rule I don't like reality tv. I find it unstimulating and dull. Luckily Morticia generally agrees, with one exception.

She likes nothing more than watching Z-list celebrities being put through hell for the purposes of entertainment. I am of course talking about, "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here". Because she watches it, usually I end up watching it. Now I'm all in favour of stranding semi-famous and slightly famous people in the middle of the jungle but it's not what I'd call entertainment.

The contestants are generally on the programme to either boost their profile or to lose weight (a side effect of the ordeal). I'm not a fan of the presenters, Ant and Dec (I've always thought they were overrated) but thankfully one of them is in rehab so is to be replaced by Holly Willoughby.

One of the things I object to with the show is the use of animals and insects in the challenges. I'm no vegetarian but using creatures like this for entertainment doesn't sit well with me.

The latest series starts tonight on ITV (the worst of all the TV channels) and unfortunately I'm off work. 

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