Thursday, 6 December 2018


Christmas has come around so quickly this year, my head is still spinning from the last on. Isn't it time Christmas was like the Olympics? Then we'd have a few extra years to catch up.

So we are here and you can either go with it or fight to ignore it (and probably fail). Yesterday we spent the day preparing the house, deep cleaning and reorganising, for the decorations.

It's been a long time since I went on a work Christmas do, I just haven't felt part of the team for such a long time it wasn't something I'd wanted to be involved in. Things change.

Our organisation doesn't contribute anything to our festivities, it's all sorted within our team. This year met in Sheffield town centre for a simple affair of drinks and fun. I needn't have worried because I had a great time. 
My work colleagues celebrating with me.
Then there's the shopping. I hate shopping. I hate the expense, I hate the crowds and I hate the whole affair. I went into Sheffield City Centre yesterday with Morticia to check out the Christmas Markets, whilst the experience was good there was very little shopping done. The place lacked any 'spirit', there was no brass bands or music, nothing that you'd expect to complete the experience.

I guess the local Mall is the only solution to efficient shopping, it's a soulless place with even less Christmas spirit. After the online shopping it's probably our best hope though.

Enjoying Sheffield Christmas Markets

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