Friday, 8 February 2019

1902.08 ICE

I don't like winter, I've gradually grown tired of the season as I've gotten older. The cold is uncomfortable and unpredictable, it disrupts and causes chaos.

Although it's warmed up a little (a balmy 7°C) last week the temperature dropped to below -7°C. Although it was cold it was certainly no Chicago! America suffered what is being called a 'polar vortex'. So cold in fact that the town of Hell in Michigan literally froze over!

Still it was sufficiently cold and icy enough for me make the difficult decision to abort my usual cycle commute to work in favour of public transport (although I subsequently got a lift from a colleague). I didn't make the decision lightly, I'm not as robust as I used to be - last thing I need is broken bones.

With temperatures rising for now the bike is back being my favourite mode of transport. But it's still only February, it's still a long way to spring. 

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