Monday, 4 February 2019


I rarely discuss work online. There's a reason for that, mainly that it's frowned upon by the bigwigs in the ivory tower. Austerity and government cuts have had a huge impact on my work life. Recent events however have a distinct flavour of history repeating itself. 

A couple of years ago there was a "review" on my role within the organisation along with many other roles as a part of cost cutting. It resulted in a great 'exudus' of staff. Today we run on a greatly reduced number working harder to make up for the reduced numbers. Still we smile and carry on. 

Recently we were informed that a second review was announced. Last week we all received communication from the invisible review panel suggesting another path within the organisation. This has resulted in widespread panic amongst the workforce and an understandable drop in morale. 

Personally I've seen this before. In my opinion it's a way of 'thinning the herd'  getting people to 'jump' so they don't have to push. I don't believe in this review, I think it's a con. A divisive method to manipulate the workforce, after all it was just over 12 months ago that they recruited new members of staff to the role. I don't know what the overall goal is; reduce wages? Affect terms and conditions? Reduce numbers? Whatever it is I've seen it before, making things look grim so that we a thankful for the fucking that is to come.

I don't know what is to come since we just get a corporate "nothing is decided" response. But safe to say, I know what the game is, I'm not stupid. 

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