Saturday 16 March 2019


In years gone by, the early days of the mobile phone, it was an exciting prospect to get a new device. The new features, exciting new interface and I used to love the labourious task of retyping all your contacts into the new phone book.

These days there's not much of that left. There's just 2 major players in the operating system market (Android and the other one) and they all look mostly the same. The technology has slowed down in its advancement meaning that if you upgrade often you'll probably not see a real difference between your old and new phones. 

You may have gathered that I have a new phone. My last phone was a OnePlus2 and was pretty much a 'downgrade' on its predecessor (which stopped working before my contract was up but after the guarantee had expired) but still lasted me 3 years+. In fact the only reason I chose to upgrade was that the battery was failing and it constantly overheated. It was unreliable, I had to go everywhere with a couple of power banks just in case.

So what phone to go for. I love tech so I wanted the best I could get for my money.

Something else that came to pass was an issue with my network. I've been with Three for approximately 20 years and apart from a few hiccups I've been fairly content with them. Then last month I fell foul of a premium messaging scam (where I received unsolicited messages which charged me). I approached Three for assistance and to get refunded for my losses. They washed their hands of the situation and accused me of signing up for the premium service. I'm not keep of being called a liar (it's not good business practice) by a company I'm paying to provide me a service.

I hold a discount card which offers various perks and money off vouchers for a variety of goods and services. I searched their website for mobile phone offers and found a good one for a brilliant phone on a different network. So I went ahead.

I'm now sporting a new Huawei Mate 20 Pro and so far (a week in) I'm very happy. Because there's been significant time between my upgrades the differences are very noticeable. Sure it's sporting my usual custom interface but under the hood it's a different animal.

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