Sunday 31 March 2019

1903.31 MOTHERS

It's Mother's Day and the time to show appreciation for the women that have given us so much for so long. The sacrifices they make and the love they give, and despite the mistakes we make or the mistakes they make they're still there for you.

Me and my mum
My day (as a son and father) started with a visit to my own mum. Our relationship over the years has been choppy but I think we're pretty good these days. I don't see her enough but I thought it was important to make the effort to go over this morning. 

Then my focus changed to the mother of my girls, Morticia. We'd decided on a day out, a proper family day out. And this one would be delving into to real early days of our family. Our first family holidays were always on the east coast, specifically Skegness and Ingoldmells. Today we decided on classic SkegVegas!! (Mainly because Ingoldmells is full of chavs these days).

It was a good day, surprisingly not busy. We visited Natureland Seal Sanctuary which we'd not visited since the children were really small. It was strange how it was like having little kids again - they just dropped into being those little girls like days that are far behind us (maybe not as far behind as I'd thought).
It was fish and chips for tea, then everything started to close. It was getting late. A quick drink in a pub was followed by hot doughnuts in the car.
Then home.

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