Sunday, 26 May 2019


Last year I did a post about alcohol free beers. They've come a long way and there are more coming along all the time. I like the odd beer but sometimes it's not appropriate for me to drink alcohol, or sometimes alcohol just doesn't agree with me. Since then I've tried more examples of this emerging craft.

I reviewed Ghost Ship Alcohol Free, Erdinger WeiƟbier Alkoholfrei, Brewdog Nanny State and St Peter's Without. Most came out well with the exception of St Peter's Without which tasted like liquid plastic.

Visit the original post here.

Well there are a few new kids on the block so I thought it was time to taste.

Schneider Weisse Mein Alkoholfrei
I regularly drink this one in a pub in Sheffield City Centre and I have to say it's pretty nice. A wheat beer that is similar to Erdinger in taste and aroma. Easy to drink and not at all unpleasant.

Old Speckled Hen Low Alcohol
Like the Ghost Ship offering when you first try this one you think something is missing however after a few sips you quickly acclimatise and after that it's quite a nice drink. It shares certain flavour qualities with the full version but with something missing (it's the alcohol obvs).

Infinite Session Pale
This one is a high flyer in the AF category. It's a great flavour that if you didn't know you wouldn't know it was alcohol free. I will definitely be having some off this whilst out in the garden this summer.

Brewdog Punk AF
This one's new, and it's a nice little AF. The obvious comparison is going to be with Nanny State, their other AF offering. It's a good AF beer, lighter tasting than Nanny State and a great summer alternative. This will definitely be in my fridge this summer.

There's nothing bad about today's roundup, every beer is one I'd be happy to drink again. The alcohol free beer market seems to be going from strength to strength, I'd love it if more pubs stocked more variety though. 

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