Monday, 3 June 2019


Back in February I wrote about a review at work. Well today it has entered the next phase. We attended a meeting where the big bosses explained (via Skype) the outline of our future. It's not good, neither is it clear.

Basically if you cut through the political bullshit you arrive at the fact that they want money from our wage budget. To this end we will be losing 100 posts via natural wastage but it looks like a paycut might also be on the horizon (apparently it'll take 2+ years to iron it all out). They made a point of thanking us for sticking through the rough times of a few years ago which really sticks in my throat. It feels like a 'thanks and fuck you' if I'm honest.

I'm so angry at the moment I can't express. I'm convinced their plan is doomed to fail so I'm not without hope, these architects of shit will be promoted on the back of this. They've spent all the goodwill from me - I'm sorry but if I had options I'd be out of here, I really do love my job but please don't treat me like a twat!

Supplemental 1906.17; I wrote this an hour after the original meeting. I've sat on this post for 2 weeks mainly because I don't like to post in haste but at this point now I am still so fucking angry with those in the 'ivory tower' I've left it as I originally wrote it.

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