Friday, 26 July 2019


I've been a cyclist for many years, in fact I'd say I was cycling before it became popular (but I have no figures to back that up). Last year I rode out on an extremely hot day - it was a stupid thing to do, I almost collapsed on my way home. I had never felt so bad. I made it home but I didn't get back on the bike for almost a year.

Of course I'm not including commuting, if there is one constant it's that I've been riding to work. It's my saving grace that's at least kept me on 2 wheels this past year. 

I did try to jump start my leisure cycling earlier in the year by riding my first audex. It was a great ride but it didn't do the trick. I didn't start riding again.

I've even struggled watching the sport, I've enjoyed it when I've watched it but I haven't sought it out.

But the Tour de France isn't just bike racing, it's something special and when it came around I found my love for the sport once again, at least on TV. This year's Tour has been spectacular with loads of drama and surprises. 

So last Sunday I went out for a little ride to see if the magic was still there. An attempt to jump start my love affair once again. I really enjoyed it - it was a steady ride on a nice day (which helped). Since then I've been watching my food intake (using a popular food diary app) and I've set up the turbo trainer in the dining room for those days I can't get out. 

So did I recapture my mojo? It's still early days but it's been positive so far, I have a desire to get out, to ride. In the end that's all I need. 

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