Tuesday 10 September 2019


I don't normally do political comment on my blog, save for a couple of posts in the past I try and avoid it.
This doesn't mean I'm not politically minded, quite the opposite, it's just not the kind of thing I like to write about. However, the political landscape over the last few years has become rancid and toxic.

Of course brexit has dominated and distracted the country from its real problems. Poverty and the climate emergency (which certainly isn't being treated as such) have taken a back burner in the grand scheme of things.

Now I'm not here today to argue my side of the brexit divide, for the record I voted remain and stand by my position furiously. My point in this post is to illustrate the divide in the country this has opened. The referendum was a 52-48% split in favour of leaving the European Union, hardly a landslide but because of the framework (or lack of) the vote was considered binding and the government stated we are to leave the EU.

What bothers me is the effect this has had on the population. Suddenly everyone is either a "Brexiteer" or a "Remainer". Social media has revealed family and friends with views you never would have expected. Conversations in the workplace can soon get ugly and if you are not careful (and find yourself in the wrong company) you can find yourself being verbally ganged up on.

Personally, I have found myself in a room with people who say they like Boris Johnson, the same man who is a quoted racist and homophobe. Members of my own family support Nigel Farrage! I mean, what the fuck? I really don't understand. And to be honest I'm tired of trying. I leave a room when it's obvious I'm not going to have my voice heard, I will say my piece when a suitable oportunity arrises but refuse to waste my breath anymore.

I believe I'm on the right side, I stand for what's good for people - all people and will always challenge hate. Hate is behind so much of what I see, hear and read at the moment. I hope that this situation ends one day but as it stands it's destined to go on... and on.

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