Friday, 27 September 2019


Autumn is here, and the nights are drawing in. Soon it will be getting colder and the commute on the bike will become more challenging... but never impossible.

The bike can withstand most weathers but I tend to avoid ice (on the road) and snow if possible. But riding in poor weather should have very little in the way of barriers. It helps if you have the facilities at your destination but there always is a workaround. As long as you have dry kit to change into at work you're winning. 

The trick to winter cycling (in my opinion) is clothing. The hardest bits to keep warm is the extremities. There's a trade-off with the gloves, the thicker the glove the less you can feel. Overshoes are like socks that go over the shoe and while they do provide some protection it's never quite enough on those colder days.

Long trousers are a must but as I'm on a limited budget I don't have a set of long bibs, instead I wear my usual bib shorts and I have a pair of thermal running tights to wear over them (it serves me well). I have a winter coat that I've used for many winters and I'm not about to change soon.

The only issue I've never been able to solve is the cold nose. If I cover it my glasses steam up, I've tried all different methods but none have been successful.

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