Friday, 4 October 2019


My youngest daughter is 18 years old today. I've managed to deliver my two daughters to adulthood without killing them or them killing anyone else.

So is that me done? I have no dependant children left (at least on paper) so can I now stop worrying and get back to what I was doing 20-odd years ago before this journey started?

Parenting is pretty much a job for life. Sure I now am the father of two young women who I'm proud of and so glad to have them in my life but the relationship changes throughout life. They still need me, they need lifts - tap me for cash - emotional support, this I believe will be the case for a long time to come.

So my youngest is 18. How did that happen? Just yesterday it seems that she was sucking all the juice from baby wipes and blaming "fluffy spider" when she didn't want to eat anything.

So today she celebrates, off to face the world of bars, pubs and clubs. Tomorrow we'll be together as a family to celebrate this coming of age. She's an amazing young woman who I know will succeed.

Tonight I'll raise my glass in her honour.

Happy 18th birthday Rags!

Supplemental 1910.06;

It's been a weekend of celebrations. This is a big deal for us all, I hope she had a great time and has made good memories. 

Her day started with a tattoo, our gift to her.

She said it tickled!
Just as I did, she headed out to Sheffield City Centre for a night on the town. The difference being though I had been going out since I was 16 (underage drinking was easier in my day) and I didn't have my parents there (she was more than happy to meet up). 

The birthday girl with me and Morticia
The next day we had a family meal at our local pub, The Green Dragon, followed by the birthday cake. 

Happy 18th Rags

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