Sunday, 13 October 2019


Friday was Mental Health Awareness Day. Over the last few months I've been increasingly aware that my own mental health has been slipping. There's a lot going on and I realise I might not be handling it very well. One thing I thought might be beneficial to take a bit of time out.

Morticia has gone away with the girls this weekend, it's my weekend off so I saw an opportunity to take a break. Watch a few movies, be creative, eat junk etc. Friday night was OK, but I was tired from work so I went to bed to rest. Saturday I woke up with a headache which gradually got worse throughout the day until it was a full blown migraine. Normal painkillers were ineffective and we don't have anything stronger in the house so all I could do was to retreat to a dark room and hide away. Then because I slept during the day it fucked up my night's sleep.

So all I have left is Sunday, and I am trying to make the best of it. I did a bit of drawing and reading, watched TV. I've got Dad Taxi duties to perform tonight so a movie isn't really on the cards since I don't want to get into anything and have to dash. I've missed out on wood burning and some website giggery that I wanted to do.

So as far as giving me rest bite this weekend is a washout. I need to do something though since I can feel the grip of whatever it is around my skull, squeezing it gently but firmly - increasing the pressure as time goes on. I talk, I try to express how I feel and use my drawing sometimes as a means to process how I feel.

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