Friday 22 November 2019

1911.22 DONE DEAL

I know that this cartoon isn't funny. It's far from that as you can get but it's not meant to be. The purpose of this drawing is therapeutic.

As I've written about before we have been subject to a "so called" review. Now I know that I don't write much about work but this matter is too serious to not mention. Everything I say here is my own opinion of course and it should also be noted that I'm pretty pissed off.

The review was done behind closed doors with only "workshops" and infrequent emails to keep us informed. Despite our attempts and the attempts of the union to negotiate sadly  the changes are to be forced upon us. The changes will mean a reduction in shift allowances which will in turn mean a reduction of our take home pay. And that sucks.

The changes so far are just to the shift pattern, we have yet to see a finalised role profile defining what direction we are to be working to. This is the odd part of the whole business, how can they know what shifts we will be working if they aren't sure what our work will actually be? My opinion? It's a revenue raising exercise.

I'm hurt, not just because of the financial losses but because of the lies. You might ask why we don't fight, the simple answer is that there are so few of us left in our role that any dispute we enter won't make a bit of difference in the short term - to go long term risks our very jobs and of course would be very costly.

So it's all done, the changes happen in March and we just have to suck it up, personally I hope they come to realise that they've made a mistake one day and maybe this decision can be reversed. But that is just wishful thinking. I'm angry but I'm also a professional and I'll do my best with what I've got - but I won't go that extra mile to undo the damage to my own detrimental. I have a framework that I'll work to.

I apologise if I'm rambling but I need to get this off my chest. 

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