Friday 1 November 2019

1911.01 INKTOBER 2019

I've been back in the drawing game for a number of years now. I've seen "Inktober" on social media now for a number of years but I've always believed that I wasn't good enough to participate.

This year however, I decided I would take up the challenge. I was a little concerned that as a 'digital artist' I wouldn't be eligible to participate but upon reading the detail on the website I was happy that I could join in. The way it works is that each day you are given a word (or prompt as they refer to them), and you draw something based on that prompt. The challenge to myself as a digital artist" was to use a single layer when inking, no tools, no erasers, no undo tool. I was under no illusion that there would be a drawing a day but I did as many as possible. In fact I missed just seven at the 31 days, which I believed was quite a feat.

It would be too bigger post to include all my efforts individually here so I'll share a montage image (below), if you want you can try and match them to the official prompts list above.

It you want to look at the drawings individual's then check out the series on Tapas (a webcomic publishing platform). Over the month I've learned a lot, the experience has given me new skills and hopefully improved some of my techniques. I hope I'm in a position to participate again in the future.

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