Sunday, 8 December 2019


The first full weekend in December is usually when we put up our festive decorations. The trouble this year is that I've been at work for one of those days.

Of course one little set back won't stop our family Yule celebrations. I got the furniture moved around to accommodate the tree and the boxes down from the loft straight after work yesterday. 

10:00 - So it's Sunday morning and just before the work to transform our home into a festive grotto. I'm taking some time out before the big push to relax. By the time I go to bed tonight we will have our decorations up. It's not going to be helped by the fact I'm struggling with a sniffle.

14:30 - We are in full on festive mode. Christmas films are on the telly and I've been untangling the lights. We'll need food at some point so a trip to the shop will be needed soon.

14:45 - I've bought a chicken, some bread cakes and potatoes. Not a traditional Sunday dinner but still, perfect for the day we are having. 

15:05 - Tree is all up, just everything else to do (including the second tree in the dining room). This is where it gets intense.

17:41 - All done save the putting away all the boxes and the kids' tree (which Rags still insists on sorting). I'm taking a short break before clearing away the mess.

It's been difficult doing this with a cold which hadn't gotten any better as the day has gone on but it's done and we are now ready to start the season. 

Now bring on the feasting!

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